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Q: Does My Spouse Need ID Theft Protection Also?

2011 April 24

It is  recommended that each spouse participates in an ID Theft Protection plan since both have separate ID’s that can be stolen in so many different ways.  Both of you have separate credit bureau reports and one could be victimized without the other having an event occur.  In addition, ID Theft is much more than financial fraud and includes Medical ID Theft, Social Security Fraud, IRS Scams, Insurance, Utility and Employment Fraud, also including criminal activity.  Since both of your personal info is valuable for ID Thieves, and can be acquired in different places, and used for different things, it is advisable for each family member to be protected including children.  Our plan offers a family option that saves money regardless of the size of your family and all dependent children under the age of 25 are also included.

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